walking in the sunset
I have a war in my mind.

Pumpkin Caramel Layer Bars


Pumpkin Caramel Layer Bars

Drugs become addictive the day you decide to use it to fill the gaps in your heart instead of using it for short entertainment.
But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?

- Mark Twain

This is honestly my favorite quote. It’s changed how I look at life and religion.

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I need a life that isn’t just about needing to escape my life.
Robert Polito, excerpt from “Please Refrain from Talking During the Movie” (via soulsscrawl)

stay away from people who make you feel like you are hard to love


Girls, romanticize yourselves. You are a queen. You are a warrior. You are an enchantress. You are a mermaid. You are a goddess. You are all of these things and more, you are the stuff of fairytales. 

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Song: First Day of My Life
Artist: Bright Eyes
Album: I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
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first day of my life // bright eyes

yours is the first face that i saw
i think i was blind before i met you
now i don’t know where i am
i don’t know where i’ve been
but i know where i want to go